Welcome & mahalo for the visit!


Thank you for visiting my web site.

A lot has transpired in my life since I launched this web site. I no longer live in South Carolina. My husband and I and our two cats now call Maui our home. We purchased an ice cream and cookie store in Lahaina called BanyanTreats. My artwork has temporarily migrated from pastel on paper to pastel on a giant chalkboard menu (see above and below). 

Still working on a portrait, which I'll post soon, but for now this is all I can add.

This site contains three categories, which I hope will soon be augmented with more artwork:

First: Picture Books, where you will find one book which I co-authored with my good friend and brilliant writer Kathleen Fox, and illustrated. You'll also find four other books I illustrated for Sylvan Dell Publishing, and a lot of fun stuff for kids to download and read about.

Second: Marea's World. It shows where Marea, the main character in my young adult novel (yet to be published), has adopted as home—the coast of South Carolina. A departure from illustration and painting, but the brushes I use in my imagination are far more magical and much easier to clean!

Third: Artwork and Lettered Paintings, which contains paintings, illustrations, and portraits; some of which have original poetry or snippets of would-be novels. 


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